Sunday, January 6, 2008


We've had a quiet few days since our strenuous time in China, spending the time mostly in domestic duties - fixing the toilet, trying to fix the TV after the universal remote changed its settings, shopping, washing China grit out of most of our clothes (thank goodness for the winter monsoon and good drying weather) and scanning and manipulating Yuk Tim's photos. They were pretty gritty, as well.

I have loaded an album of some of my pictures on our trip for general viewing and you will find it here as well.

I also forgot to mention that some of the special tea we drank was very expensive. Lawyer Chan said he paid Y 1500 (NZ$375) for a tin of tea and a packet of tea (one per pot) cost Y 200 or about NZ$35 - just as well we got many cups out of the small pot!

Today is hazy and cool but not cold - it's not as clear a day as yesterday and Robin's Nest is shrouded.

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