Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas day

We had a quiet Christmas day doing nothing special. Eddie's sisters, Betty and Mary, called, which meant we had a taste of the day in NZ.

We went shopping about midday to get in some provisions, buying an ox tongue from the congee shop downstairs to do for lunch. Ox tongues are made of the same dough as the deep fried devils that are eaten with congee, and they are very tasty if freshly made.

We enjoyed ours as we walked on to Sheung Shui to check the supermarket for marked-down sponge-cakes (there weren't any) and to buy something to make soup with. We bought some beef bones and meat, and then Eddie got more vegetables from the Cheung Wah market while I went ahead and started cooking.

We had enough for two pots; one I made into bak kut teh using a spice packet that had been around a while, the other into carrot soup, both of which I enjoyed but Eddie found too meaty (though it 's good for him).

We had a rest and watched "White Christmas" on a DVD while the soups cooked, and enjoyed our dinner about 7 pm.

Weather was cool but not cold, and the day rather overcast.

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